Idaho Storage Solutions has over 20 years of experience. Working in the Boise area, we are here to solve your garage cabinet needs. Please look around to learn more about our affordable, high quality shelving solutions. Perfect for garage or basement.



  • European style (no face frame)
  • 110° self closing European style hinges
  • Ready for paint
  • Individually priced
  • Available in standard sizes – 16 or 24 inches deep
  • Made from 3/4 inch industrial chip board
  • Also available in Melamine Board as an upgrade




  • Modular sizes to fit most needs
  • Store items above the ground and away from dust, dirt and grime
  • Strong, sturdy, adjustable shelves
  • Keep garage clutter behind doors
  • Convenient and reachable heights
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Why Idaho Storage Solutions Garage Storage Cabinets



All of our storage cabinets for the garage are sized in even numbers or in dimensions that fit in a standard commercial sheet of material such as 16”,24”,2’, 4’, 2’6”, and 6’. By so doing, the entire sheet is used with minimal waste per unit made, equaling to a cost savings for you the consumer. All of our storage garage cabinets help you make more efficient use of your space.

We set storage cabinets at a comfortable height

We set storage cabinets at a comfortable height, typically at knee to shoulder height on an average person so everything is convenient to reach.

Hi or low ceiling garages

Shorter garages usually are set just below garage door track, which leaves a space under cabinet and over it for bulky things. If a high garage, you can have a wall of garage storage cabinets where feasible depending on the layout.

Store your stuff behind closed doors

With these wooden storage cabinets, you can store anything with surety it won’t be damaged out in the “garage”, no more need to store things in boxes or totes thereby hiding it to never be found again. Put things on the shelf in its own spot in our garage storage cabinet in plain view to be found again. If you desire to still use a tote, the 2’6”and the large bay version of the 4’x6’ model can accommodate some totes.

Options and upgrades

No one ever has enough space for their “stuff”, and when it goes into the garage, it just gets piled high on whatever shelves came with the house. In our wall storage cabinets, why not commit storage of one cabinet bay to one hobby or child’s sport such as football or lacrosse, baseball or golf, or maybe even for yourself by adding upgrades such as closet rods, a role out tray, or drawers for smaller things.


All of our garage cabinetry is made with 3/4” industrial chip board for the tops, bottoms, sides, and doors, a solid ¼”white Melamine back for strength and for shadow reduction. A built in cleat is also installed at the top and bottom of the back for support plus resting on a continuous cleat, all screwed together. Doors all have 4 hinges each for easy swinging.

Why industrial chip board

Why not use medium density fiberboard or melamine on storage cabinets for garage? MDF has a smooth paintable surface and will work as well as the industrial chip board but costs more and weighs more. The slight improvement on the painted door surface is not worth the added expense. Melamine looks good, does not require painting but costs more and since we are usually storing big bulky and sharp edged things out in the garage, you will invariably knock the self edge off the doors and shelves revealing a raw chip board edge, which stands out terribly against the white melamine. The industrial chip board on our garage storage solutions cabinets has a decent surface for painting on the door fronts, the raw door edges will be covered when closed, and the door and shelf edges can be routed giving a rounded and pleasing look.

Fully adjustable shelving

All garage storage systems come with fully adjustable shelving.

European style garage storage cabinets

Whether you are well to do or not so well to do, these storage cabinets are made for everyone`s budget, strong and sturdy, simple and clean, built in Idaho, built to last, built for you! Say good bye to clutter!

Please call us for pricing information at 208-514-5215.