Car + desk + cabinets

Image having room for your car, a workstation & plenty of garage cabinets as well. That is exactly what we were able to do for this customer in Meridian, Idaho. The countertop for her garage desk is a plastic laminate, which is the perfect surface for her hobbies & craft making. Plus the storage all around means all the materials need are close at hand.

A number of different cabinets were used to get the combination perfect for the space & design. The Cabinets used are:

  • 2 at 4’w x6’h x 2’d
  • 1 at 2’6”w x 6’h x 2’d
  • 4 at 2’6”w x 3’h x 16”d
  • 2 at 2’6”w x 2’6”h x 2’d.